Identity Management


Strategy, Architecture and Technology - from concepts to implementation

We mainly do strategic and architectural as well as process-definition work around Identity Management. But if needed by customer – and matching our skillset, we may be lured into working more technically with the following vendors and tools:

Beyond that, we optimize your test- and deployment processes, to make your Identity Management (IGA) environment run smoothly.

DevOps, Tool-Chain and agile IGA

You want to adopt agile development for your IGA environment? We support you establishing your CI/CD pipeline and select the appropriate tooling for your tool-chain.

Transport-Optimization DEV-TEST-PROD

Nobody likes downtimes and operational problems - especially not in your IGA environment. Our DevOps experts help you establish meaningful Quality Gates and optimize the cumbersome transport processes between instances to achieve higher quality, create traceability and focus on automation IGA deployment process.