Cloud Governance


Keeping tight control of elusive Cloud Resources

No matter if you just started to explore the capabilities of Cloud Computing or are already fully embracing its power – making sure everyone has access to right resources while keeping access in line with “least privilege" principles is always a challenge! Especially if you “rushed” into the Cloud as part of the pandemic “work from home” frenzy, there may have been granted far more privileges than there should. Our skilled consultants help you regain control – or establish it right from the start – by creating deep Service Inventories and provide meaningful insights on consumption, cost and associated risks, making compliance with regulations more simple while automating your conflict resolution and cost containment activities.

With the AWS and Azure / MS 365 services as the primary focus, we support your journey to cross-Cloud compliance and least privilege access to, leveraging tools from our partner network such as

Aside from leveraging tools to keep all your ducks in a row, we focus on enabling your team by providing training, mentoring and assistance on your path into the Cloud, as our CISSP, CCSP and Azure-500 certified consultants and trainers guide you on your journey!