Fine Grained Authorization (FGA)


Granting access to your (web)applications has long been solved, but still needs attention as our Access Management shows. Providing more fine-granular access to resources within an application with a standardized approach is still an unresolved issue for many organizations, and leads to lost productivity, costly audit-analysis and time-consuming reverse engineering if cross-application access needs to be addressed.

Sparked by the Google ZANZIBAR project, our interest in “FGA” and as Auth0 partners (now known as the CIAM solution “OKTA CIC”) we also closely followed what happened at as well as the developments at the site.

Today, we take pride in being founding partners of the “authorati” group which got together during Identiverse 2023 in Las Vegas, as well as being promoters and active participants of the authZEN working group of the OpenID foundation.

The FGA space is currently experiencing a lot of attention, and we proudly spearheading authorization projects with large enterprises as SIEMENS and also at smaller scale, i.e. protecting the access to PowerBI reports in a Microsoft environment. While working on these, we made new friends and acquaintances in the broader Authorization space, namely working with: