Who we are

Here at umbrella, we take pride in being associates! From the beginning on, there were no official job titles and hierarchies are kept at a bare minimum. That does not mean, we are not structured or just a bunch of looneys who play well together – we simply believe that providing tasks and jobs should be done in a more agile way, considering both the current capabilities of an associate and his personal growth potential.  

How we define “leadership”

Aside from defining the strategy, vision and direction of the associates, our founders (and thereby, our initial leadership team) are more concerned about providing both a place to personally grow and develop the skillset of our associates, as well as clearing obstacles out of the way that may slow down progress in all kinds of projects, no matter if they are customer oriented, or contributing to our own solutions. We take “lead by example” and “walk the talk” very serious!  

Whom we seek to hire

Our hiring paradigm is centered around mindset diversity and insight, that a leader should always higher associates with complimentary skills and personality traits. We strive to optimize how our teams works together – and each new associate contributes in different ways. Hence, we cherish authenticity and respect each other as individuals, while making sure all associates are focused on promoting our joint vision and moving towards our umbrella goals.  

Current Vacancies