March 7, 2022

Data Analytics Wizard


We require pristine data for our downstream ID-creation. Is your witch-craft powerful enough to summon the Imps of our customers data? As we understand that “data is the new oil”, we will jump the band-wagon and add some more ETL and data-massaging expertise to our ranks.


Well, Master Data Records from so-called “IIA – Identity Information Authorities” (aka: HR tools, Procurement tools, web-forms) is typically close to rubbish, with regard to data quality. As Identity Professionals, we require pristine data for our downstream ID-creation, role-assignment and provisioning wizardry and hence we seek someone with the dark magic skills of summoning enough Oompa-Loompas who will auto-magically improve data quality in the complex business processes of our customers. Your witch-craft must be powerful enough to manage and control the Imps you just summoned and force them to create humanreadable documentation of the Data-Flows, Transformations and the evil source interfaces you draw your Mana (umm, the data…) from.


  • Experience with ETL tools such as PENTAHO is not a must, but highly desired.
  • Fluent English both written and spoken is a must, good command of German a big plus
  • Previous exposure to Identity Management work and use of PAM/IAM tools a big plus
  • Good command of both Windows and Linux OS is expected
  • Solid understanding of typical data source concepts such as rDBMS, LDAP etc. is a must
  • Understanding of typical data structures and JSON/REST interface (APIs) required
  • Some coding skills would be beneficial  


Somewhere in the Western Hemisphere, preferably in the Central European Timezone (+/- hour possible). Germany preferred, but not a must.


Expected to be “FTE” at 40 hours/week, part time is possible and welcome.


Depending on degree, existing skillset and proven work-experience, salary may range from 48.000 € to 60.000 € per year. Package includes minimum of five days mandatory participation in continued personal education of relevant fields and acquisition of at least one vendor/industry certification per year of employment.

Part Time


Working Students

This is a standing offer and we are willing to open as many additional positions as qualified applications are …

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