Customized Trainings

Far from “canned goods”

As even our “Standardized Trainings” are far from “plan vanilla” with all the personal experiences enriching the book-material, we take pride in creating custom trainings for inhouse delivery at our clients´ premises .These are usually more “workshop style” and may use some existing material, which will be thoroughly edited and prepared to match the specific requirements of the attendees.

Most often, we use a two-day approach to make it worthwhile and convey all necessary basics in day 1 morning sessions, lay a solid foundation during day 1 afternoon and work on some specific use-cases or challenges that the customer has to solve during day 2 morning sessions. Day 2 afternoon is then either a summary and “way forward” or is used to dive deeper into sketching possible architectures. Depending on the requirements, a dedicated summary and write-up of the results with a short recommendation on next steps may be created (optional).

Topics that we are happy to create such trainings around include, but are not limited to:

  • Applied Cryptography, x.509 Certificates, Public Key Infrastructures and their usage
  • Identity Management basics, HR Data Source consolidation
  • Identity Management Strategy (Business Process View)
  • Customer/Consumer Identity & Access (favorite since 2018
  • Privilege Access Management Strategy and Approach
  • IAM and DevOps automation in operations (Dev/Test/Prod)
  • Data Flow Analysis and Data Consolidation in Digitalization efforts