OSINT Intermediate

Refresh and extend your OSINT capabilities, tools deployment, usage and optimization

Our “OSINT Intermediate" programm extends the skills acquired during our basic training and builds on them. The course ist targetted at experienced specialist who have either completed our Basics course and applied the skills acquired therein for at least half a year, or advanced professionals who have at least one year of hands-on experience with applied OSINT work. All participants will benefit from a quick refresher on clean workplace methodologies and repetition of basics with the recently applied updates and upgrades made to the tool box. Building on that foundation, we introduce participants to building and extending their own toolbox and deployment of dedicated virtual machines for that purpose. Over the duration of the five days there will be sessions on tweaking browsers, installation and configuration of required and optional add-ons as well organizing yourself with bookmarks, scripting and advancded tools.


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The OSINT Intermediate content covers:
  • OPSEC - refresher and extension to Operations Security
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Browser settings, add-ons, tools
    • VPN-optimization, behavioural analysis
  • extended methodologies & workflows
  • VMs Virtual Machines and their usage
    • construction of own OSINT VMs
    • protection of your (OPSEC) VMs
    • export, cloning, management and resetting your VMs
  • Search machine optimization
  • Installation and configuration of OSINT browser add-ons
  • Installation of bookmarks
  • Installation, understanding and usage of advanced scripts and tools
  • Specialied tools (for the usage and anylsis of)
    • domains and domain-names
    • downloaders
    • browser
    • emails
  • Data Analysis
    • frameworks
    • telephone numbers and analysis
    • analysis of social media
    • analysis and correlation of usernames
    • analysis and correlationon of IPs
    • usage of IP-geolocation
  • Darknet - extension and update of acquired knowlegde
  • Advanced usage of data types and analysis
  • Advanced usage of additional OSINT tools

This training can be booked as in-house special for your team and tailored to your current skillset. It may be conducted in our offices in Eschborn/Frankfurt, or a feasible hotel location near your offices. Usage of personal / dedicated laptops is strongly recommended - we can offer usage of training laptops for an additional fee.

Our trainers are all experts with relevant hands-on experience

All our trainings are conducted by trainers with multiple years of relevant OSINT experience with law enforcement and LE academies, specifically with operational units conducting cybercrime investigations. They are leading experts for the subject matters they teach and have been using the OSINT tools themselves extensively as well as providing trainings to special forces of other cybercrime units. In addition to this, many have acquired relevant experience as Red Team members or penetration testers.