IAM Master Data Consolidation

With this training we enable you to apply the correct means of “data massage” for Master Data Records (MDR) from several sources, such as HR, Procurement or even Payroll. It is essential to properly extract and transform such datasets before loading incorrect or incomplete records into your IAM or IGA solution. With our own little toolbox as an example, we show you how to acquire the mass data from Sources of Truth through different interfaces and with different data formats, and use simple transformations to identify incomplete or incorrect datasets to push back to the source with a detailed information what is wrong. We disucss technical integration with various sources (LDAP, CSV/Excel, Databases), error handling and correction as well as data enrichment.

Lastly, we show how to model the datasets into a clean and easy-to-digest format ideal for your IDM/IGA solution, with a focus on how to leverage JML triggerdata to automate the whole Lifecycle of the users. With our approach, you can finally kiss those failed data imports and delayed Identity creation issues goodbye!