March 7, 2023

Working Students


This is a standing offer and we are willing to open as many additional positions as qualified applications are being handed it. Seriously? Yes, we are almost dead serious! If you are a registered student of any MINT / STEM related field such as Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Information Technology – hell, even Economics – we will give you a chance to gather under our umbrella. We just require you to bring some basics with you:

  1. Curiosity and an open mind for cool new IT-related stuff
  2. Willingness to learn some new tricks and skills
  3. Ability to adapt to a changing environment
  4. A lot of Self-Motivation, drive and enthusiasm  

Nice to have: show-off some IT skills that help us survive in a Security (Zombie) Apocalypse!

Why are we offering this?

After all, we need to fill our ranks of minions and hench(wo)men in some legal way, right?


  • must be enlisted in a college/university
  • must have work permit for Germany
  • Else…ummm, well, surprise is with what you can up with! (Zombie Apocalypse skills…)  


Somewhere in the Western Hemisphere, preferably in the Central European Timezone (+/- hour possible). Germany preferred, but not a must.


Up to 20 hours/week as per German regulation to maintain student status


“By the hour” starting at 15 € and raised with acquisition of “marketable skill”

Why work with us?

Umm, because with us, you can safe the world from the Zombie Apocalypse?

Just kidding! We offer you a meaningful career that enables YOU to make a difference in a world of ever growing “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, doubt) or even “VUCA” (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) by contributing to stabilizing the fragile IT ecosystem that holds our world together. We shape the future of YOUR (digital) identity and those of billions of other humans around the globe.


Have you ever given up registering for a service or trying to get some (German) administrative task done “online”? Did it drive you nuts? WE FEEL YOU! Providing decent, stable and customer/user friendly onboarding and registration (even for Public Service!!) is center stage for our mission.

And you can make the difference!

The following topics may be tackled while working with us:

  • Identity Management (i.e. assigning digital IDs to human beings, or machines!)
  • Access Management (i.e. scoping and shaping of “who can access which objects”)
  • Privileged Access (i.e. scoping and shaping of “who can manage which systems”)
  • Consumer/Customer IAM (i.e. making registration, Password Reset and MFA usage easier in the internet)

Part Time


Working Students

This is a standing offer and we are willing to open as many additional positions as qualified applications are …

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