Junior (C)IAM Engineer (full time)

22 Februar 2022

Identity & Access Management is at the core of our business. We are always looking for new associates who want to join our ranks and explore the amazing world of IAM, PAM and SSO. Got no clue what these acronyms stand for? Fear not – we all got lost in the jungle of abbreviations at the beginning! If you are a young professional with a short (i.e. 1-2 years) experience in Development, IT operations and Systems Management (in Germany, “FISI” or “FIAE”, vocationally trained) and you want to extend your reach and create more impact, we can help you shape your next career step.

If you already have product experience [enter preferred vendor here] and you verbally throw around SAML, OAuth and OIDC like confetti during carnival, we welcome you as regular engineer (3-4 years of relevant “tool” exposure expected).

Depending on whether you are full-on “XML-talking” techie who reads the Matrix in source, or you are also able to communicate “business” verbally with our customers, you may be sidetracked to PreSales and/or Architect positions.

Workload: expected to be “FTE” at 40 hours/week, part time is possible and welcome

Payment: depending on degree, existing skillset and proven work-experience, salary may range from 40.000 € (entry level) to 85.000 € (lots of experience, documentation writing etc.) per year. Package includes minimum of five days mandatory participation in continued personal education of relevant fields and acquisition of at least one vendor/industry certification per year of employment.